Soles, by Kay Brandt – My Review



Roland, an anti-social teen, inherits the family business—a specialty shoe store—a decade after his parents were murdered there. Having no choice but to accept his fate as the new owner of the creepy, run-down and very haunted store, Roland returns to where his childhood and bloodlines was stolen. The store had taken not only his parents from him, but his grandparents, and he could feel it wanted him dead, too. His psycho aunt, Grace, had run the store into the ground, and the ultimatum he’d been running from was finally given. A year had past since Roland was supposed to take over the business, and at nineteen, it was time for him to make his unwanted return. Terrified of facing the evil that lives in the stockroom, and the blood stains of his lineage embedded in the cement floors, he bravely faces his demons: eight vicious, blood-thirsty shoes alive and waiting to take possession of his soul. Will Roland succumb to the demonic curse that’s plagued his family for generations? Or will he fight the madness that consumed his father, and release the evil embedded in the shoes’ soles?

My Review

The Cover is nice. I dig it.

Now onto the story itself.

I’m spoiled by Stephen King. So when I see a new horror story by any other author I go into it with doubt. Lots of it. Brandt … is no Stephen King, but she’s the closest I’ve gotten in a long time. Her style, her voice, the story in total, is original.That, in a genre diluted by shit, and dominated by King, is a welcomed relief. To stand toe-to-toe with a heavyweight and go 12 rounds is impressive.

This was a very unsettling ride through a world of intense mind fucks. Don’t read this story if you like a nice comfortable read … basically, if you’re a bitch, pass this up because you’ll just piss your pants and need a hug from your mother.

I want to say more, give you bits and pieces, share thoughts about this and that … but I sincerely do not want to take any of the story away from you. Usually I give a favorite line, mention this part that I really liked, but I can’t. I want you to find it for yourself. But I will say, that when I finish a Kindle story I delete it … but I didn’t delete this one. I’ll return to it again.

Brandt typically doesn’t write this genre … but man she fucking owned it–like a boss. Her horror pimp game is strong.

5 out 5

Buy this story. It’s under a dollar. You’ll be glad you gave it a shot.

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