My Review of -Portraits Of Dread: A Gallery Of Decidedly Evil Short Stories, by – Michael J. Elliott



In this collection, Michael J.Elliott explores fear and dread in many petrifying forms. You’ll find such delights as,

In MOTHER CALLED TODAY a woman becomes increasingly fearful of her demanding mother’s incessant phone calls. She has a horrible secret about her mother, something she is too scared to share with anyone.
In THE LITTLE MAN ON TOP OF THE WARDROBE Four year old James has always been very good about going to bed but recently he’s been too scared to go to sleep. There is a little man living on top of his wardrobe and it wants his soul.Of course that’s just his overactive childhood imagination….Isn’t it?
In A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT we visit a future that isn’t too hard to imagine. It’s a world where the overweight are social pariahs, where a government controls their eating and shopping and failure to loose weight after three attempts results in the obese being sent to a detention camp. Lynda Whittaker has just been sent to one such camp and she’s about to learn a horrifying government secret which shows they till have one final use for the overweight.
Portraits Of Dread contains these chillers and more.


First off — I love this cover. It perfectly captures everything the author was going for. Brilliant.

There are many twists and turns in this collection. Some are good, some not, but most were utterly brilliant. The author has a knack for writing unique horror. I dig a good horror story. I truly do, but I’m spoiled when it comes to them so I’m not easy to please. This collection of shorts pleased me.

Dinner for Two is probably the most unique of the lot — for me anyways.

Mother Called Today was creepy as hell. You’ll dig that one.

As for the others, well, I won’t go through all of them because you don’t want to read a blog post for an hour.

It took me ages to read this collection because that’s what I do with a collection of shorts. I read one story, go off to another book and read it, then go back to the original collection of shorts that I started. Trust that I like the book. Trust that you’ll like it as well.

5 out 5

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