My review of Home is the Sailor by Jolie Mason



Captain Aricka Badu left Taarken Prime twelve years ago for very good reasons, and she seldom goes back. It was supposed to be a short run, but, between the pirates, a brewing civil war and her ex, she may never get to leave.

Caden Carnes hadn’t seen Ari in twelve years, but he’d never stopped thinking about her. Given their past, it wasn’t exactly surprising she stayed away. What was surprising was seeing her back on Taarken…ever, the mining planet she’d abandoned along with her lover and her family.

Her brother’s mining hauler is missing and Caden asks for Ari’s assistance along with her ship to go find it. One discovery leads to another, until all their secrets are out. Caden and Ari don’t have long to discover the most important thing in the universe; You can actually go home again.

My Review

Stick with the story. It begins slow but like a train it eventually picks up momentum and really gets going.
This is science fiction at its truest. Making it even better is the romance spun into the sci-fi web.
Word of warning, this is a multi-pov book. So if you don’t like that sort of thing … well, get over it and give this story a shot. Trust me. You’ll like it. The suspense is on point. It’s climactic, not anti-climactic. There really is no letting the foot of the accelerator with this one.

4 out 5

Why not 5 out 5. I’m a hard to please. The slow start is something I’m never a fan of, though like I said it does pick up momentum.


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I was born in Indiana where I still reside with my three lovely dogs. I have published multiple novels and have a few adapted into audiobooks. I am currently working on three stories.

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