James Quinn

J.B. Taylor – What inspires you?

James Quinn – People, bravery, individuals fighting against any kind of injustice or wrong doing. It doesn’t have to be political or global….often the most inspiring people are the ones just trying to live their lives under extreme circumstances. They are the true heroes.

J.B. Taylor – What’s your favorite book?

James Quinn – I hate this question!!!! So unfair…..so many. Probably The Stand by Stephen King….in fact anything my King. He is the bomb. But The Stand has been with me since I was a teenager…..big issues going on in that book…..human natures, good v evil…hope…God. A big, big book.

J.B. Taylor – If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?

James Quinn –  Fire them all from a Nerf gun at Trump shaped targets. Well…who wouldn’t 🙂

J.B. Taylor – Where do you like to write?

James Quinn – At my desk….anywhere else just doesn’t work for me.

J.B. Taylor – Which Harry Potter house would you belong to?

James Quinn – Glock 19-erinn. That’s a Hogwarts house isn’t it?

J.B. Taylor – What is your favorite word?

James Quinn – Nitwit 😉

J.B. Taylor – What is your least favorite word?

James Quinn – Goodbye

J.B. Taylor – What was the first story you ever wrote, and what happened to that story?

James Quinn –  It was a story about the Marvel character Ant-Man when I was in primary school. The teacher liked it that much that I received a WH Smith book voucher for my short story. I was like 8 or something…..I mean, no characterization or story arc….it was crap. 🙂

J.B. Taylor – Tell us about your process: Pen, paper, word processor, human sacrifice … how do you write?

James Quinn – First comes the scenario. It might not be the beginning of the book, in fact its usually somewhere from the middle of what the book will end up like. Then I expand upon it…usually followed by lots and lots of post-it notes stuck on my desk….then it stews for a few weeks and then I start tip-tapping on the ‘puter. It tends to come in bursts for a week or two…then stops….then bursts again. I’m one of those that will get an idea for a scene at 3am and get up and write it all down. It just seems like the correct thing to do.

J.B. Taylor – What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made as a writer?

James Quinn – Easy. Publishing too early….and not having the manuscript go through a professional editor/proofreader. That was my main bugbear with my first book, A Game for Assassins. Thankfully my publisher (Creativia) took control of AGFA and sorted it out. I’m happy to say for the new book, Sentinel Five, the production values are just awesome.

J.B. Taylor – What else are you working on?

James Quinn – Sentinel Five is the next one to be released, after that a slight hiatus while I sort out some work and personal issues. My next book will be starting later this year/early next year and will be the next Gorilla Grant thriller. Really looking forward to this one. It’s the most personal….for lots of different reasons.

J.B. Taylor – In a perfect world where you could cast your book for a movie, who would you pick for your main characters?

James Quinn – I ummed and arred over this for ages. For Gorilla Grant…..I’m torn between Tim Roth (such a brilliant actor) and a lesser known British actor called Stephen Graham, a Liverpool actor. Both tough little men, but both so charismatic. They would both be perfect for Gorilla.

J.B. Taylor – When you complete a story, do you let it go? Or do you like to stop and think about what your characters might be up to, what they might be doing?

James Quinn – Oh yeah….I often wonder what happens to my characters between stories. Do they drink…..paint…contemplate their navels. It’s the luxury of being able to create them.

J.B. Taylor – Are you a panster or an outliner?

James Quinn –  Honestly I’m an outliner….I like to plan it all out….get a good arc going. I mean I can tell you every part of Gorilla Grant’s life…..probably because its not that dissimilar to mine. I know what is going to happen in books 3, 4, 5…….
Its just the way I’m made. 🙂

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Author: jb29taylor

I was born in Indiana where I still reside with my three lovely dogs. I have published multiple novels and have a few adapted into audiobooks. I am currently working on three stories.

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