In this brand new series I’ll be introducing you to some of the finest authors around. You’ll get a peek inside their mind and their process. Welcome to J.B.’s Author Interview Series.


Nicola C. Matthews

J.B. Taylor – What inspires you?

Nicola C. Matthews – I find inspiration in a variety of things – books, movies, music, games, other artists. I’ve come up with ideas from something as obscure as a single quote or phrase and other times I’ve read an article or seen a movie which inspired me to write a short or novel.

J.B. Taylor – What’s your favorite book?

Nicola C. Matthews – Wow, I could no sooner pick a favorite book than I could a favorite author, but if I had to pick something, I have a few books which I have enjoyed enough that I have re-read them multiple times, and that is The Talisman and The Stand by Stephen King, and the Taltos saga by Anne Rice. Oh, and Anne’s Vampire Chronicles.

J.B. Taylor – If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?

Nicola C. Matthews –  Depends. Do I get to eat them? Cause if I get to keep them I’d invite everyone I know to come down and take what they wanted, invite their family and friends, too. But knowing me, I’d just blow the damn thing up, that way everyone can taste the rainbow.

J.B. Taylor – Where do you like to write?

Nicola C. Matthews –  I always write at my desk, and never long-handed, always typing.

J.B. Taylor – Which Harry Potter house would you belong to?

Nicola C. Matthews –  None of them because I don’t buy into mainstream literature. Nah, just kidding. I’ve actually never read any of the books and only watched the first two movies, so I’m doing good to even know who Harry Potter is, much less pick a house.

J.B. Taylor – What is your favorite word?

Nicola C. Matthews –  Fuck. I use it, a lot. Like all the fucking time. Who the fuck does that? I mean, really? What. The Actual. Fuck?

J.B. Taylor –  What is your least favorite word?

Nicola C. Matthews –  Moist. But I use it a lot, too, mostly to fuck with my readers. What can I say, I have issues.

J.B. Taylor –  What was the first story you ever wrote, and what happened to that story?

Nicola C. Matthews – Let’s see, the first story I ever wrote was a little tale called White Lightning which was about a magical horse that turned into a unicorn under the full moon. I was like eight when I started writing it, so it got tossed out with the trash at some point.

J.B. Taylor –  Tell us about your process: Pen, paper, word processor, human sacrifice … how do you write?

Nicola C. Matthews –  Never pen and paper. I type so much faster than I can write so if I have an idea, I’ll just jot it down in my Writing Prompts doc. Sometimes I’ll come up with a rough outline of an entire series so each story or book in the series would have a vague outline of the story in its own file, and the series in its own folder. I have literally dozens of short stories that are anywhere from a few paragraphs to half-done sitting on my flash drive. Whenever I get in a writing funk, I’ll skip to something in a completely different genre, see if it will rev up the writing mojo. And that flash drive? Yeah, it’s on a lanyard which I wear around my neck. It goes everywhere I go.

J.B. Taylor –  What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made as a writer?

Nicola C. Matthews –  Not following my gut instinct back when the self-pubbing business was just getting started. I kept thinking I would just “dip by toes into it” but if only I had seen what the industry was going to become, I would have cranked out all those novels and stories I’ve developed over the years and made a name for myself before Amazon came along and ruined it for everyone.

J.B. Taylor –  What else are you working on?

Nicola C. Matthews –  I have the third novel in the Sweet Seductions Series, Jinx’d, coming out later in the year. I’m also working on book 3 in the Before the Sun Rises Series, a follow up novel to Vindictus, The Dark Lord in the works, and a BDSM anthology which I may or may not publish under a completely different name. Lots of goodies in the pipeline.

J.B. Taylor –  In a perfect world where you could cast your book for a movie, who would you pick for your main characters?

Nicola C. Matthews –  If I could pick a cast for The Red Fang, and we could rewind the clock to about 10 years ago, I’d pick the people who inspired the vampire Stealth and Requiem – Don Henrie and Dani Filth. For Hell’s Ballad, I’d pick my boys from Black Veil Brides since the characters were loosely coined after them. Same thing for the Sweet Seduction Series. I’d totally have Black Veil Brides playing the main characters of the books, and I’d have all the bands we spoofed with cameo spots, too. That would be cool af.

J.B. Taylor – When you complete a story, do you let it go? Or do you like to stop and think about what your characters might be up to, what they might be doing?

Nicola C. Matthews –  It really depends. Most of the time, I know upfront if what I’m writing is going to be a series even before I start on the first book, so my mind just keeps running over their lives. Occasionally I’ve written a standalone novel or short which I never intended to do anything with and I’ll have the characters come back and start whispering to me again. It’s not often, but sometimes they throw me a curve ball and I’ll have to sit up and take notice. Usually, though, if I intend for it to be a standalone, it stays that way.

J.B. Taylor –  Are you a panster or an outliner?

Nicola C. Matthews –  Total panster. I usually have a general idea of what I want to happen, and I might make a rough outline for the last few chapters as I wind down a story, but for the most part, I just sit down and start writing. It’s usually the characters who dictate how things go, so I’m pretty much at their mercy. I’ve had novels go in completely different directions than what I had originally planned because of it, but I think they turn out so much better in the end.



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