J.B.’s Author Interview Series

In this brand new series I’ll be introducing you to some of the finest authors around. You’ll get a peek inside their mind and their process. Welcome to J.B.’s Author Interview Series.


Featured Author

JC Hannigan

J.B. Taylor – What inspires you?

JC. Hannigan – A lot of things – life, people, music, sights. It could be something as tiny and insignificant as the scent of sugared vanilla. I find inspiration everywhere I look!

J.B. Taylor – What’s your favorite book?

JC. Hannigan – Probably Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, because it was the first book to really capture me in its world.

J.B. Taylor – If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?

JC. Hannigan – I’d light it on fire and walk away. Now if they were Skittles…

J.B. Taylor – Where do you like to write?

JC. Hannigan – Anywhere! If I’m out, I record notes on my phone. If I’m home, I’m at my computer writing.

J.B. Taylor – Which Harry Potter house would you belong to?

JC. Hannigan – Gryffindor! Or at least I’d like to think…but I’d probably end up in Slytherin.

J.B. Taylor – What is your favorite word?

JC. Hannigan – Probably the “F” word. It’s so much fun!

J.B. Taylor – What is your least favorite word?

JC. Hannigan – Turquoise because I can’t pronounce it.

J.B. Taylor – What was the first story you ever wrote, and what happened to that story?

JC. Hannigan – The first story I ever wrote was about a girl, her best friend, and their horses. They’d go on adventures together and I have no idea what happened to it – it probably ended up in the garbage.

J.B. Taylor – Tell us about your process: Pen, paper, word processor, human sacrifice … how do you write?

JC. Hannigan – Pen to paper rough “sketch” of what the novel entails, then chapter summaries, then I let it all flow out on the computer.

J.B. Taylor – What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made as a writer?

JC. Hannigan – I rushed the publication of my first novel. I had to go back and do some editing and revising, but I learned my lesson. 😉

J.B. Taylor – What else are you working on?

JC. Hannigan – I’ve just started writing the third book in my new series, the Rebel Series. Book 1, Rebel Soul, was published June 1st and book 2, Rebel Heart, is set to release late fall/early winter.

J.B. Taylor – In a perfect world where you could cast your book for a movie, who would you pick for your main characters?

JC. Hannigan – For Rebel Soul, I picture Teresa Palmer for Tessa and Taylor Kitsch for Brock.

J.B. Taylor – When you complete a story, do you let it go? Or do you like to stop and think about what your characters might be up to, what they might be doing?

JC. Hannigan – I do both – sometimes I have my characters do something that just seems out of place with them and who they are, so I have to pause and really think about the situation.

J.B. Taylor – Are you a panster or an outliner?

JC. Hannigan – I try my hardest to outline but I can never really stick to it, so I’m mostly a panster with some good outlining intentions.



Tessa Armstrong has one more summer at home before heading off to college with her best friend. She’s been counting down the months, waiting to be free of her overbearing brothers and overprotective father — not to mention getting out of the small, suffocating town she’s grown up in. The one thing Tessa doesn’t count on is falling in love, least of all with Brock Miller. He’s the kind of boy her father has always warned her about. He’s older, mysterious, and a little dangerous. Brock has had a hard past, and the whole town not only knows it, but won’t let him forget. Brock has come back to take care of his ailing mother and struggling younger siblings. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, especially with one of the town’s darlings, but sometimes, love comes fast and fierce. Can Tessa and Brock find a way to each other despite their pasts and the obstacles their families present?

“REBEL SOUL is another swoon-worthy, emotional home run for J.C. Hannigan. Filled with heartwarming themes of love, family, and friendship, this redemption story is romance at its best.”

— Molli Moran, Author of The Walker Boys Series

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Amazon AU — http://amzn.to/1UieTe2



Author: jb29taylor

I was born in Indiana where I still reside with my three lovely dogs. I have published multiple novels and have a few adapted into audiobooks. I am currently working on three stories.

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