Exposed – My Review



A police detective investigates the truth behind his partner’s death. The mysterious case reveals disturbing police corruption and a dangerous secret involving an unlikely young woman.

My Review

This isn’t your run of the mill murder mystery. Far from it. A dark, and somewhat religious tone is set making this a creepy little flick. The darkness, and the weirdness grows with every scene, which is something I enjoyed. Usually films throw in creepiness that has no place, but not this one. This one does it right. The plot is solid, and so is the pace at which things are revealed to you. The editing could have been a tad tighter at times, but I’m nitpicking. The surprises are plentiful, and intriguing. There are dark moments in this film, one that will make you cringe and disturb you, but the film quickly makes up for that in what can only be described as a fantastic ending. The movie wrapped itself up nicely.

Scene Stealer

This recognition goes to,  Mira Sorvino who plays, Janine Cullen. Her parts are few and far between, but she steals every scene she’s in with a wonderful performance.

Staring Role

Ana de Armas who plays, Isabel de La Cruz, made the most of her starring role by delivering a very powerful performance. She stole the show, topping her co-star Keanu Reeves who plays, Detective Galban. Reeves’s acting is good, but not JOHN WICK great. Despite this he still does a very good job.

Overall, this film gets a 3 out 5.

Why? Because the editing could have been a little tighter. That might sound like nitpicking, but if a scene was shortened here, a bit of another scene played out a littler longer there, and the film would have delivered a much stronger punch. Still though, this is a movie you should at least check out. It was enjoyable.

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I was born in Indiana where I still reside with my three lovely dogs. I have published multiple novels and have a few adapted into audiobooks. I am currently working on three stories.

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