My Review of: A Neophyte’s Tale: An Abbey Thorne Short Story (The Netherwalker Series) Kindle Edition by CK Dawn

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Great Cover. Brilliant

This book was short and sweet. It is also YA, which I never read until giving this book a shot. Abbey Thorne has been through hell, and you really feel her pain, and begin to root for her as the story goes along. You also want to know more, and by the times the book ends you’re jonesing for more. I haven’t read the other book in the series, but I just bought it because of how good this short was, and I can’t wait to read it.

This story was sharp, flowed like river, introduced interesting characters and other wildly imaginative things that you can’t wait to learn more about. And dude… it has decedents of the Knights of the Round Table in it. How fracking cool is that!

C.K. is a talent. And I’m not pulling your leg. She’s good. Trust me. I’m as picky as they come; spoiled by reading J.K Rowling, Stieg Larsson, Stephen King, and P.N. Elrod. When you’re used to reading books from fine authors like that you get very used to opening a book, reading a few pages, tossing it out and saying, “Next!” Not with C.K. You open her book, and the book takes you by the collar and yanks you into its world and doesn’t let go until the end. Read this book, and go ahead and buy Cloak of Shadows (Netherwalker #1) because I know you’re going to want it by the time you’re done.

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