On Sale Now ~~ Dissimilar Shorts: Series 3 Written by: J. B. Taylor Narrated by: Gabrielle Baker

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Feature 1: “The Mausoleum”: An act of curiosity leads to the world being overrun by the paranormal. As the world fights for survival, it’s up to one woman to save it. The woman’s name is Emmanuelle, and she’s the next keeper of the Mausoleum.

Feature 2: “The Nefarious Wizard”: A gas station is robbed and a wizard dies. His brother wants revenge, while the only surviving victim of the robbery just wants her life back. Their worlds – and the world of a mysterious man in black – collide in an epic showdown.

Review by, Glenn Conley

4 out 4 Stars

I actually liked the short stories in this ‘book’. But I have a hard time calling it a book, because it’s not very long. And there are many pages dedicated to promotional material. So, I guess it’s more of a pamphlet than a book.

I also have a hard time calling this a ‘collection’ of short stories. Because it only includes two short stories. If you have two of something, it’s not really a collection, now is it? But whatever this publication is, it’s actually pretty decent, if you don’t notice all the grammatical errors.

I mean, I find errors in just about everything I read, but this publication had more errors than usual. Using ‘sense’ when trying to say ‘since’ is just plain silly. And that’s just one example. There are plenty more.

All that being said, the first story of this ‘collection’ is very good. It’s about a girl who unleashes a bunch of demons on the world, because she’s stupid. She wanders into a mausoleum, and finds an old book. And she thinks to herself, “I really shouldn’t open this book and read it aloud. Bad things could happen. Oh, who am I kidding… That’s just in the movies, right? It’s fine. I’ll just read a little passage.”

And sure enough, all the demons come out. The protector of the mausoleum wakes from his slumber and tells her that it’s now her job to go fetch all those demons and put ’em back where she found ’em. Stupid girl. Or, she could just go kill the boss guy. Mr. Scorpion. He’s a big, bad, ugly demon, and he’s having a blast destroying Reno.

This story plays out like it’s a video game. The girl slashes through demon after demon with the help from some local cops. Then she gets to the top of Cesar’s Palace to fight the boss demon. Planes and helicopters are flying overhead, shooting the boss demon. But the bombs and bullets just bounce off him.

So this stupid girl is supposed to fight this boss demon alone. All she has is a gun. It’s not even a big gun. And from the looks of it, this demon is bulletproof. And bombproof. So, she shoots a rocket that is next to him, and the demon explodes, and all the rest of the demons get trapped back in the mausoleum. The end.

What? He was bomb proof, you stupid girl. This is retarded. Why would you tell us that he’s bombproof and bulletproof, and then end the story by blowing up a bomb on him? Are you just trying to set up a sequel? I mean, what the heck is happening? I thought, okay, this isn’t really the end. They’re gonna get back to the mausoleum, and the big guy is gonna come back to life and kill this stupid girl. Right? Nope. It’s just the end. So retarded.

The next story is about a wizard that holds up a convenience store with his wand. And this isn’t in some Harry Potter land, either. It’s just downtown L.A. or something. Wizard’s aren’t supposed to exist. But apparently, they do. And of course, there’s a special government wizard agency that tries to control them.

And that’s pretty much the whole story. It’s only a few pages long. So, it wasn’t much of a story. It was more of an outline than a story, really. But it wasn’t bad. I’d still recommend this ‘book’. It’s a fun and quick read. And it doesn’t make you think too much. In fact, I think a few of my brain cells died while reading this book.

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Author: jb29taylor

I was born in Indiana where I still reside with my three lovely dogs. I have published multiple novels and have a few adapted into audiobooks. I am currently working on three stories.

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